Bothlale Boikanyo conquers New York

- Article by Thanduxolo Buti (July 25, 2013)

Botlhale Boikanyo

Boikanyo performed her famous poem Africa is My Pride and won the hearts of the New York crowd. According to Boikanyo’s mom, Mamsy, the young poet was head hunted for the honour.

“A woman from an organisation in California emailed us and told us she had been searching tirelessly for Botlhale because she wants her to be part of this event,” explained Mamsy. “She said they really wanted Botlhale to be part of the fund raising they will be hosting for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital and one of the reasons they chose her was because they felt Botlhale’s values were quite aligned to the ones of the former President.”

Mamsy accompanied her daughter to the prestigious event. The proud mother says they were excited about the trip and they were happy to spend a week in New York. But more than anything she is excited about her daughter’s new role as ambassador.

“We were also not sure if she understood her role as the ambassador, so we’ve been teaching her about It,” she laughs. “Although she is excited, she is also quite adamant to learn about her new role. She has always expressed that she wants to change the world and I think that this will be her opportunity to do that.”

She was honoured as the Young Ambassador for the Nelson Mandela Foundation during the Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Hospital fundraising campaign held at the Gotham Hall on Mandela Day. The young star was one of the few names honoured, others included internationally acclaimed author Dr Maya Angelou, Oscar Award winning actresses Whoopi Goldberg and Chalize Theron.

Most of the honoraries were not there because it’s the summer holidays there. Maya Angelou could not travel because of old age.

- Article by Thanduxolo Buti (July 25, 2013)